Nebulon Prime


Webb City, Missouri

The Game: Why it's special

Most Board games give you one option to play, the way they want you to play.    No imagination, No coloring outside the boundaries and only a few ways to win.    Domination is the key to victory, dominate the opposition and you win.   Simple and in some cases, elegant.

But gamers are a different breed, they like the challenge, the unexpected, overcoming the odds and securing victory sometimes from the jaws of defeat.    This is where Nebulon Prime excels.    From the outset, you have full control over the board, you decide how to set up the pieces and then it's up to you to overcome adversity, take advantage of luck and secure a victory.   Whether its pure domination, beating the clock or surviving the Omega, the choice is yours.

Strategy redefined

"Great, Don't get cocky kid"

                                            -Han Solo

Good Advice.   Nebulon Prime can change on a whim.   Don't like the hex, mix it up.    Only two players, use two sections, or however many you like.   This is part of the heart and soul of the game, you decide how big the board will be, how much room you have to stretch your legs before engaging your opponent.    You select your Homeworld Spot and then you engage in strategy in placing unknown worlds while blocking your opponents moves.   You decide how the game will end, will it be Domination?   Set number of turns or will you let fate decide with the Omega Cards?    Every move is tweaked by the Event Cards and through it all, you have to figure out the way to victory!.