Nebulon Prime


Webb City, Missouri

Nebulon Prime Rules : Quick Summary

Every Game starts with players deciding what the board will look like.   Standard board is a hex shape, but players can use as few as two or as many triangles as they want to create their conflict zone.

Next, decide what method you choose to end the game.   Total Domination, Set number of turns or time limit or Omega Cards.   

Then each player rolls to place their Homeworld.   This is where strategy begins.    Once each player has their Homeworld,  roll again to see who gets to start placing unknown counters.    Once all counters are placed (there are no more open spots) then you begin.     Each player begins with three ships to explore, fight and defend.

Each player is dealt Five (5) Event Cards.    Roll one final time to determine who goes first with play then proceeding to the first players right.    Each player is then dealt one (1) card per turn.     Any negative cards in the players hand must be played, offset by any positive cards should the player choose.     Credits are totaled up based on planetary and event card figures.

The player then moves their ships, resolving any conflicts or exploration.   The first player to reach an unknown planet rolls 2D6 to determine it's value and the appropriate counter then replaced the unknown counter.     Any combat is resolved with the player as the attacker.    Combat is initiated anytime ships from opposing factions end up in the same triangle.

The final action is the purchase of ships with credits.   These ships must be brought out on the Homeworld or a planet with an Orbiting Space Station (OSS).

There are three ways to win at Nebulon Prime, Domination, Time and Omega.

How to Win

There are three ways to win in Nebulon Prime, Total Domination, Time Limit and Omega.

Domination : Defeat all other players on the board.

Time Limit: After an agreed upon time has been reached or a number of turns, the player with the most credit value wins.

Omega Cards : Once the final Omega Card is played and affected, players add up their credit value and the highest total, wins.