Nebulon Prime


NP Branded Goods

Show your colors

Event Cards

Expand your possibilities

Expansion BoardsDifferent Cosmos to explore

10 Boards and Counting!


While the basic board gets you started, the cosmos is waiting to be explored!   You can buy additional gameboards and mix and match to create your own special gameboard with your special flare!

Looking Good


NP Branded wear allows you to show everyone that you're not static in life.    From limited T-Shirts to special offerings, we are looking for things to show our gamers are not your run of the mill players.

90 Cards are just the start.


LIfe is not static and neither is Nebulon Prime.   Adding additional expansion packs adds to the variability and the unknown that is life!   You decide how many cards you want to use or create a personal pack to decide what is and is not available to the game..

Nebulon PRime  [Expandable board game]

Every Decision you make, affects the future for you and all those who come into contact with you.

Webb City, Missouri